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Can aquariums use seawater instead of expensive sea salt?

Can aquariums use seawater instead of expensive sea salt?

2019-03-29 10:07:38 Can aquariums use seawater instead of expensive sea salt?

It is a kind of seawater element that can maintain the original composition of seawater. It is produced by single-pool drying without mixing, segmenting, picking up salt, discharging brine and drying up to obtain seawater element. Therefore, seawater with the same composition as natural seawater can be obtained without losing the original ingredients of seawater. It can be used in urban seafood aquaculture, seawater bathing and various industries. Purpose.

The seawater element, which can maintain the original composition of seawater, is characterized in that the production process uses seawater to be dried up into seawater element by one stage, and produces seawater element which can maintain the original composition of seawater and all kinds of substances contained in seawater.

Artificial sea salt, also known as seawater element and artificial sea water, is the medium to change freshwater into sea water. According to the chemical composition of natural sea water, it is made up of dozens of pure inorganic salt raw materials, which contain a large number of trace elements in natural sea water. It is the best choice to feed various marine fish, shrimp, shellfish and software to replace natural sea water. In recent years, the coastal water pollution is so serious that the nursery rate of natural seawater in many coastal areas is not high, and fish die in large areas. This is mainly caused by the pollution of coastal waters. Artificial seawater is pollution-free, safe and meets the requirements of pollution-free aquatic products aquaculture water. It can be adjusted according to the local groundwater, and is suitable for local aquaculture of marine organisms. The operation is simple and light. Artificial seawater can be prepared by adding a certain amount of seawater.

It may be possible to simply cultivate seafood. But in an aquarium, it's hard to say what happened.

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