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How much salt does freshwater add to sea water?

How much salt does freshwater add to sea water?

2019-03-29 10:18:41 How much salt does freshwater add to sea water?

It seems impossible to add salt only. Artificial seawater can be prepared by mixing artificial seawater salt with water in a certain proportion, which is close to natural seawater. Among them, domestic seawater salt contains 20 kinds of trace elements, and imported seawater salt contains 40 kinds of trace elements.

The water source prepared by artificial seawater should be non-toxic, tasteless, clean filtered water, groundwater and tap water for a week.

The density of artificial seawater for feeding should be maintained at 1.022-1.023. The density, salinity and temperature of seawater are time-varying. When the temperature is constant, the required seawater can be prepared according to the data in the table below.

Density 1.021 1.022 1.023

25 degrees Celsius 29.9 g 31.2 g 32.6 G

26 degrees Celsius 30.3 g 31.6 g 33.0 G

27 degrees Celsius 30.6 g 31.9 g 33.3 G

For example, when 100 kilograms are at 25 degrees Celsius, 29.9 grams of domestic sea salt are needed to make artificial seawater with a density of 1.021.

Metal containers should not be used in the preparation of artificial seawater. It is normal that the newly prepared artificial seawater is turbid and sediments often accumulate in the bottom of the water. When the artificial seawater is ready, the circulating water filter device, heating equipment and oxygen filling equipment in the aquarium should be activated immediately, and the clarification will be made after 12 hours. The fresh artificial seawater is unstable and should be measured every 12 hours. After a week, if the water quality has stabilized within a reasonable range, then the sea water ornamental fish can be raised.

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